• Up to 20 pages, any medium, any style.
  • Print edition interior is grayscale on uncoated paper, no more than 4.5"x7.5".
  • Ebook images can be color & larger.

Though we want to see things different to what we've published so far, our only real criterion is whether we dig what you're laying down. We like, but by no means require, series or projects.

We can handle most file formats; if you must send RAWs, email.

Friendly advice about file size: Whatever size/format you upload, we suggest having originals available at 300dpi/1800px wide minimum (we prefer at least 600dpi/3000px wide for covers), in a lossless format like .tiff, uncompressed .png, or .ai. However, if your originals are not so big, or .jpeg, that's fine — don't blow them up unless your Photoshop fu is strong.

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